ROSTER MASTERCLASS | Part 02: Chaos, by Jonathan Delacy

For part 02 of The Big V's Roster Masterclass, we've stayed local and invited one of Australia's finest coaches, Jonno Delacy! An amazing painter, and member of the Australian Blood Bowl community since 2009, Jonno not only plays in his local Ballarat league but also runs a great tournament in the Victorian city every February called Goldcrush. As a coach he has had great success in many of the tournaments nationwide, such as Southern Shrike Bowl, Mayhem on Malop Street, and not forgetting Stunty King at Eucbowl! He is also the reigning Little V 2018 champion, a tournmanet he won earlier this year with Humans. Jonno describes his Chaos roster, "As a 3rd tier team, The Big V gives Chaos 1.25M starting cash, 50K (so, essentially a double and a normal skill) to spend after Game 2 and then 40K (two normal skills) to spend after Game 4.


4 x Strength 4 Warriors with AG 3. Horns on Beastmen. Access to GSM across the board, except for the Mino (SM).


Movement, AG 3 only, no normal access to Agility Skills.

Thoughts prior to build:

I recently came second in Mayhem with an aggressive Pact/Renegades roster that had only 1 Block skill. Admittedly there were some other variables at play but I am not deterred by the fact that I may only get 2 Block on the team.

Minotaurs are generally overpriced, but the ability to remove Wild Animal is an option, or to add Claw as a normal skill & STR 5 can opener is also an option. Then again, you could add MB and Claw to a Warrior and pretty much have the same, more reliable, cheaper and more manoeuvrable option.

Lewdgrip is OK as a star. He gives the option to pass the ball with a RR to an Extra Arms Beastie and score more quickly than normal for the slow moving Chaos, or grab a deep kick and hike it up field without the stress of repositioning the whole team in your backfield to protect him. He also has Sure Hands, which means that you won’t need to waste a skill like that on a Beastie.

Option 1 – with Minotaur

Mino with Claw. Warrior with MB & Claw. Warrior with Leader. 2 x Warriors with Block. 2 x Beasties with Extra Arms & 1 with Two Heads, 2 with Wrestle, Tackle.

Thoughts: 2 can openers, lots of strength. Only 1 RR and Leader. A more agressive coach might replace a Tackle/Wrestle Beastie with Frenzy/Jugger Beastie! No Sure Hands. Not lots of mobility. Has holes. 10K left over – FF

Option 2 – with Lewdgrip Whiparm

Same as option 1 but replace the Mino with Lewdgrip, and give Break Tackle to a Warrior. Still only effectively 2RR. Can work around this by removing Tackle/Wrestle from a Beastman [or Claw MB from Warrior] and Leader from Warrior until later rounds (get Leader and Tackle after Game 2, Tackle after Game 4).

Thoughts: Like this better – more versatility, Sure Hands, passing game. Still light on RR.

Option 3 – without Mino or Lewdgrip

Option 1 but remove Mino. Buy a RR with the $ saved, and a Beastie. Allows you to buy 2 extra skills and give the other Xtra arms 2 heads. Could then choose skills from –Sure Hands + Big Hand, Frenzy and Warrior Break Tackle, Guard x 2, Tentacles.

Gotta like 3 effective RR. Esp with the AG3 Warriors and Beasties when manoeuvring. Would prob run with 1 BT Warrior and 1 Guard Beastie as the extra.

Additional skills:

Then, after Game 2 take Guard (Beastie) and Dodge on Block Warrior (Ball Carrier/ pinch Blitzer) – have to use the double.

After Game 4 throw in some MB, Frenzy on Beasties and work the STR advantage. You have 2 x WR/T beasties as sweepers in defence. The Xtra Arms, 2 Heads gives you some effective AG4 action and the extra RR makes this more viable in the case of the dreaded ‘1’.

Thanks for your contribution Jonno, and for providing three options for your build!

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